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            Music atT ST MARY'S PPerivale

            There are currently no 'live concerts' because of the coronavirus pandemic.
            However we will stream one of our 400+ concert recordings at 4.00 pm every day until the crisis is over.

            Our concerts are free but we will pay the featured musicians, so please consider making a donation.

            To watch either the 'LIVE Stream' concert, or one of the recently streamed events, please go here.

            Watch Concerts and Donate

            Forthcoming concert recordings - streamed daily at 4 pm BST.
            Friday May 1 The Milton String Quintet Mozart: String Quintet in G minor K516 more details
            Saturday May 2 The Barbican String Quartet Haydn: Quartet in D Op 20 no 4, Schubert: Quartet in D minor D 810 ‘Death and the Maiden' more details
            Sunday May 3 Mark Viner (piano) : Thalberg: Fantasy on Rossini's ‘Moses' Op 33, Chopin: Nocturnes Op 48 nos 1 in C minor and 2 in F# minor, Liszt: Réminiscences de Norma S394 more details
            Monday May 4 The Blaze Ensemble Mozart : Serenade in B flat K 361'Gran Partita' more details
            Tuesday May 5 Ilya Kondratiev (piano) Schubert: Impromptus D 899 nos 1 & 4, Schubert-Liszt: ‘Gretchen am Spinnrade' S 558, Liszt: Dante sonata S 161/7, Schubert-Liszt: ‘Serenade' S558, Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody no 2 S 244/2 more details
            Wednesday May 6 The Salieri Ensemble Schubert: Octet in F D803 more details

            Click here to find full details of all forthcoming Events and our Archive of about 900 concerts.

            CLICK HERE to subscribe to our regular EMAIL FLYERS with details of concerts at St Mary's Perivale.

            Here is our Privacy Policy Statement.

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            Last update 31/03/20


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